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Social Security Disability Claims And Appeals: We Can Make A Stressful Situation Easier.

Disability can strike suddenly or be the result of a chronic condition that has worsened over time. In either situation, families can be emotionally, physically and financially drained. When you've been injured or incapacitated, it's difficult to focus on recovery when you're worrying about keeping your home, paying bills or coping with collection agencies. If you are suffering from a disability we can help you apply for Social Security disability benefits and guide you to a successful outcome.

Filing For Social Security Disability: A Step Toward Recovery.

Regardless of whether you need help submitting an initial Social Security disability application or you've already been denied benefits and need to appeal the decision, I will help you navigate the complex and often confusing Social Security disability claims process. Hearings before an administrative law judge can be taxing, overwhelming individuals who are already suffering from a disability or illness. Don't let pain, exhaustion or frustration with the Social Security disability claims process keep you from getting the Social Security income you and your family are entitled to. We can minimize the stress and maximize your chances of receiving full Social Security disability benefits.

No Fee Unless We Win.

Concerns about the cost of legal representation are always valid, but at The Law Office of Michael Jacula you can be confident in the knowledge that you won't have to pay for legal services unless your claim for Social Security disability income is successful. In other words, you won't have to pay an attorney’s fee unless I succeed in winning Social Security benefits for you. It's one less thing for you to worry about so that you can focus on healing and coming to terms with your illness or injury.

If You Are Injured Or Too Sick To Work, Contact The Law Office of Michael Jacula


Consumer Law Protects Individuals From Unfair Treatment And Fraud

There are many situations that fall under the protection of consumer law, which is designed to protect individuals from any kind of fraudulent or deceptive business practices, including abusive collections practices, misleading advertising, home warranty claims, unscrupulous automobile sales and more.

Let The Buyer Beware

It would be wonderful if we could rely on businesses to do the right thing in every situation, but in some cases it's obvious that a company or service has taken advantage of you. While every consumer should remember to be cautious when purchasing, consumer law statutes were put in place to ensure that if you are treated unfairly or pressured into an action you regret, you can seek compensation. Any time you are the victim of fraud, misrepresentation or predatory business practices, the toll it takes on you can be considerable. In addition to the financial cost, there are emotional costs as well as time lost trying to rectify the situation.

Consumer Law Offers The Opportunity For Appropriate Compensation

Whether you've been burned by a Louisburg contractor who never finished the job or a salesperson in Wake Forest who mislead you regarding what you were paying for or how much you were paying, Jacula Law has the consumer law experience to seek appropriate compensation for your lost time and money as well as the emotional stress you suffered.

Abusive Collection Practices

Consumer laws require that collection and repossession companies follow strict guidelines when trying to collect a debt or repossess vehicles, furniture or other items. Sadly, there are some companies that ignore these guidelines, crossing the line between legal collection practices and illegal harassment. If you are being harassed or intimidated by a collection agency or repossession company, call my office to discuss your situation and how I can help you stop the calls and get the time and opportunity to make things right.

If You've Been The Victim Of Consumer Abuse Or Fraud, Contact The Law Office of Michael Jacula Today 


Personal Bankruptcy Can Put You Back On the Path to Financial Stability

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code

People sometimes avoid filing consumer bankruptcy because they believe it is something to be embarrassed about or they are afraid that it is too late to help them. However it doesn't have to be that way. With my help, many individuals and families in Wake Forest, Raleigh, Youngsville, Franklinton and the surrounding area have filed for personal bankruptcy under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the two most common forms of consumer bankruptcy. The financial relief they obtained has given them the breathing room they need to start fresh without carrying the burden of unpayable debt.

You Don't Have To Go Through Consumer Bankruptcy Alone!

Perhaps you've been coping with medical bills that have wiped out your savings, you've lost your job, you are in danger of foreclosure or you simply can't get ahead of credit card debt and are being hounded by creditors. Regardless of the reasons for your financial problems, I can evaluate your current situation, suggest appropriate options and help you determine whether personal bankruptcy is the right solution for you.

Do We File Both Personal and Business Bankruptcies?

I represent both individuals and small businesses in bankruptcy court in the Eastern District of North Carolina, including Wake, Franklin, Vance, Granville, Warren and Johnston Counties. I know that you're already struggling under the burden of debt; therefore we offer competitive pricing and a free initial consultation so that you can ask questions and determine whether personal bankruptcy is the right choice for you. I'll work closely with you to help resolve the debt burdens and help you take those important first steps toward financial security for you and your family or business.

You Should Know…

The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2006 has fundamentally changed the practice of bankruptcy law and created a number of pitfalls for anyone filing consumer bankruptcy. Please don't attempt to file personal bankruptcy on your own; mistakes can be costly! I will personally prepare your paperwork and walk you through the bankruptcy process so that there are no missteps on the path to financial freedom.

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